‘XOX’mas Topiary


Comes with 100 Truffles.  Choice of five Flavors OR Standard Assortment.

Please indicate your five flavors.   If five flavors are not selected, this will indicate that you have selected the XOX Truffles STANDARD Assortment.


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Comes with 100 Truffles.  Choice of five Flavors OR Standard Assortment.


  • Casimira’s Favourite (White Chocolate-Coated)
  • Citron/Lemon (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Coconut (Coconut-Coated)
  • Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Earl Grey (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Framboise/Raspberry (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • French Roast (Coffee Crunch-Coated)
  • Green Tea Matcha (White Chocolate and Matcha Coated)
  • Manila Mango (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Noisette (Hazelnut-Coated)
  • à l’Orange (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Peanut Butter (Dark Chocolate Hard Shell-Covered)


  • Amaretto (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Black & White Ball (White Chocolate-Coated)
  • Cognac (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Crème de Menthe (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • à la Kahlua (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Honey Vodka (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Rum Raisin (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Sébastien’s Champagne (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Spicy Cayenne Tequila (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)
  • Vin Rouge/Red Wine (Cocoa Powder-Dusted)


  • Dark Chocolate (Soy/Vegan)
  • à l’Orange (Soy/Vegan)
  • Noisette (Soy/Vegan)

Product Disclosure(s):  XOX Truffles are made with very high quality chocolate products from France. What makes XOX Truffles special is the lack of wax in its ingredients.  Because of this, our truffles are more delicate and more sensitive to warmer environment.  XOX Truffles are what a true and authentic French chocolate truffle should be: bite-sized, irregularly-shaped (rustic), very smooth and absolutely wax-free.

Allergy/Product Information: XOX Truffles are made in a facility that processes milk; soy milk; sugar; peanut butter; hazelnut; coconut & almond. Therefore, our truffles may contain traces of the above ingredients.

Shipping Disclosure(s):  XOX Truffles does not guarantee the condition such as melting and/or clumping due to extreme weather environment. XOX currently doesn’t ship to Hawaii. XOX also doesn’t ship to an APO or FPO shipping address. Shipment to Alaska will require additional shipping charges.

XOX Truffles uses the services of FedEx/UPS. Our Regular Delivery (from $20), from November to March, takes approximately 7 business days or less from the time order is received. During the warmer months, and/or, from April to October, our Express Delivery (from $30) takes 4 business days or less from the time order is received. However, since we currently do not ship on Thursdays and Fridays, please note that order(s) received during mid week and after, will require additional days. As the weather changes or allows us, we will then be able to ship on Thursdays and Fridays during the winter or cooler months. Certain areas such as the southern states and southern California, etc., may require Express Delivery all-year long. We utilize the information we get from weather.com to determine which service to use. All orders being shipped to destinations with over 65 degrees in temperature will require an Express Delivery. In the event of extreme temperature (over 80 degrees), we may delay shipment. Please feel free to visit www.weather.com to help you with your order(s). Also during this time frame (April to October), as a precautionary method and included in the Express Service only (not Regular Service), XOX Truffles are packed w/ gel ice inside a styrofoam cooler or a special air-pumped pouch depending on the size of the order.

Other Charges:  Please make sure that the Ship To Address is accurate. An additional $15 delivery charge(s) will apply if any part of the address is incorrect, missing or sent back to XOX Truffles. For delivery to Alaska, please call us for further information.

Privacy Statement:  We, at XOX Truffles Inc., do not sell/share any of the information you provide to our company. Your personal information is used solely for processing your XOX Truffles order(s). Your personal information is protected by SSL software.   All information are encrypted during transmission to XOX Truffles Inc.

Guarantee Statement:  We, at XOX Truffles Inc., guarantee the freshness of our product.


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